Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Aquaphor - Let The Healing Begin

Aquaphor is one of those mystery products. You go to the drugstore, walk by shelf after shelf of skincare items not knowing what they are or what they do. So many brands, but you just want to get in and get out. Your lips are chapped and there's no lipbalm in the world that's been able to help. You have a nosebleed. Your elbows are cracked. To what do you turn? You turn to Aquaphor.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment isn't really very ointment-y. It's like vaseline but less greasy and messy. It comes in a tub or a tube (I'm a tube-girl, personally) which is nice. I'm a fan of options. Options are your friends. I get miniature tubes from my fellow makeup-ho supplier who shall not be named (you know who you are!) and I keep one in my makeup bag, one in the medicine cabinet and one on the nightstand at all times. I'm never without it. You shouldn't be either.


  1. Aquaphor is magical. I never wake up w/ chapped lips b/c I put some on b4 I go to bed. and your makeup-ho supplier is the shizznit for giving you tiny tubes...and I know who she is too! I feel so "In". LOL

  2. The's the Aquaphor fairy :> I saw her on Fri w/ the Bunny.