Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thai isn't hard!

I had this bizarre urge to make chicken satay the other day. I love chicken satay. What's not to like? Everyone likes it. Everyone likes peanut butter. Everyone likes food on a stick. I happened to have everything I needed already, in order to make this (except the skewers, cucumber and asparagus), so DH made a stop on his way home. In the meantime, I marinated the chicken in a hot curry lemon marinade as per a bunch of recipes I read online. I love to read recipes, take mental notes and disregard the directions completely. I mixed a delicious peanut sauce (sooo easy, it's retarded) and after 30 minutes, DH arrived, so I skewered the chicken. I grilled the asparagus on my Le Creuset grill pan (coated in olive oil and fleur de sel) and made the salad (soy/rice vinegar/sesame oil dressing) and sauteed the mini-kebabs. The chicken came out soft and buttery, just like it does when you get saucy indian chicken dishes (while Thai chicken satay is usually tough and a little rubbery and mysterious.) Once the chicken was marinated, it all took about 20 minutes. Who knew it was so easy to make this kinda crap at home???