Monday, August 24, 2009

Darling Kuhn Rikon...

I've had a few garlic presses in my lifetime...some worked better than others. Some didn't work well at all, and one has actually changed my life. That one, is the Kuhn Rikon. I came upon this jewel of kitchen gadgetry while looking through various product reviews on, an amazing source of culinary information that I refer to often and with much reverence.

The Kuhn is a swiss design - easy to clean to the point where it's almost silly. Silly, I say! I'll never forget one press that I had, that you needed a separate plastic cleaner in order to get the garlic bits out of the holes...and of course, I lost the cleaner-thingy when I moved this one time, so if I ever wanted to press my garlic, I had to dedicate 10 minutes of cleanuptime just to poke a toothpick through all of the tiny holes. FAIL. This beauty of a press has the press/hole mechanism on a separate swivel, so you just open the press and swivel the thick screen out like sections of butterfly wings, and rinse with your hands. As a lefty with small hands, I find that squeezing these things can be a challenge, but with my Kuhn, it's a no-brainer. It's dishwasher safe and as sturdy as my beloved stainless steel All-Clad cookware. I've already owned mine for about 5 years and it performs as though I just purchased it yesterday.

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