Monday, June 15, 2009

Up! (in 3d?)

Up in 3D this weekend. Cute movie: funny moments, heartwarming, clever, pretty, blah blah - Pixar rarely disappoints. However the fact that they needed to release this in 3D is a little odd. A regular movie in NYC is around $12.50 now. This is enough to almost make me want to blow my brains out. Especially since it means that next year, it'll probably cost $1 or $1.50 more. Grrr. Reason #548 why I go to the movies as much as possible whenever I visit Florida, which is like, incessantly.

To see a movie in NYC in 3D, we're talking $16.50. For a movie. For a movie that doesn't even really have any 3D stuff going on in it. I know, because I saw Coraline, and that shit was in 3D. It was worth having to deal with placement of clunky plastic glasses over my own glasses for almost 2 hours because 3D stuff was happening. Over my own glasses. For two hours. It made me gasp. A couple of times. I don't recall a single 3D moment in the entire length of Up. I must be a fracking idiot.


  1. HOLY Chit! $16 for a 3-D movie? And one that makes you cry? No thank you. The glasses look cool tho! but not $16.50 cool

  2. movies here are $7.50 or $8.00. Imax theater charges $12.00. Come to Maine!