Thursday, April 29, 2010

Maille, That's Good Dijon!

Get it?? Maille? (Pronounced "my"?) I crack myself up. I really do. *clears throat*


Maille is my fave dijon. Made in Canada for a French company,I discovered it at a Brooklyn bistro when I was eating a croque monsieur, as one does, for brunch one day. I couldn't get enough of this mustard they put on the table, cradled in its pristine, minature white ramekin. Its impossibly creamy consistency and subtle, almost horseradishy heat sent me swooning. I use it on anything that calls for mustard: bratwurst, grilled chicken, fried chicken, sandwiches, many things. Give this Maille a whirlsky and you'll see! (Dang, I miss Mad Men.)

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