Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thai isn't hard!

I had this bizarre urge to make chicken satay the other day. I love chicken satay. What's not to like? Everyone likes it. Everyone likes peanut butter. Everyone likes food on a stick. I happened to have everything I needed already, in order to make this (except the skewers, cucumber and asparagus), so DH made a stop on his way home. In the meantime, I marinated the chicken in a hot curry lemon marinade as per a bunch of recipes I read online. I love to read recipes, take mental notes and disregard the directions completely. I mixed a delicious peanut sauce (sooo easy, it's retarded) and after 30 minutes, DH arrived, so I skewered the chicken. I grilled the asparagus on my Le Creuset grill pan (coated in olive oil and fleur de sel) and made the salad (soy/rice vinegar/sesame oil dressing) and sauteed the mini-kebabs. The chicken came out soft and buttery, just like it does when you get saucy indian chicken dishes (while Thai chicken satay is usually tough and a little rubbery and mysterious.) Once the chicken was marinated, it all took about 20 minutes. Who knew it was so easy to make this kinda crap at home???


  1. Meat on a stick! What girls love. These look gorgeous, gorgeous!

  2. OMG that looks so delish...I'm so hungry now!!! Lunch time! :)